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Foyers Fire-Max is a Quebec-based company that

manufactures high-quality outdoor firepits.

The crucial choice of steel thickness for a durable outdoor firepits 

The importance of thickness

In the design of an outdoor firepit, the selection of steel thickness is crucial. At Foyers Fire-Max, we pay a special attention to this detail by offering firepits made with 1/8-inch thick steel, ensuring exceptional robustness. 

Thickness comparison 

Our commitment in the quality of our firepits reflected in the choice of steel that is twice as thick then the one commonly used. While most firepits on the market are assembled with 0,075-inch thick steel, Fire-Max firepits stand out with 0,125-inch thick of steel. This significant difference in steel thickness directly contributes to outstanding strenght. 

Steel strenght chart

According to the steel strenght chart, 10-gauge steel, that represent the thickness of the steel used by Fire-Max firepits, is twice as strong as the 12-gauge steel commonly used by the others on the market. This strategic choice reinforces the firepits structure and increased the resistance to the stresses associated with temperature changes and outdoor elements.

Temperature change resistance 

The 1/8-inch thickness provides better responsiveness of the steel temperature variations. Faced with these frequent changes, the thicker steel reacts more effectively to corrosion and oxidation, thereby improving the durability and resistance of the Fire-Max firepits over time 

Durability and longevity 

The increased strengh of the thicker steel translates to enhanced durability and longevity. Less prone to deformation over the years, the firepits maintains its structural intergrity, ensuring optimal performance in the long run