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Foyers Fire-Max is a Quebec-based company that

manufactures high-quality outdoor firepits.

The Warmer


Discover The Warmer. This outdoor firepit combines elements of contemporary and classic design, creating a timeless style. With a diameter of 36 inches and a chimney that reaches 72 inches in height, The Warmer owes its name to its careful aesthetic. Who will have the chance to transform their backyard into a space worthy of an outdoor design magazine?

Weight (lbs): 65
Fire pit width (inches): 36
Longueur foyer (po) : 36
Hauteur foyer (po) : 72
Material: 1/8-inch steel
Fireplace roof material: Acier 14GA
Form :
Spark screen included: Yes
Assembly required: No
Fuel type: Wood
Color: Black


  • One-year limited warranty against manufacturing or workmanship defects.
  • Two-year limited warranty on the integrity of the structure and deployed metal.
  • No warranty on the paint.
  • The warranties do not cover damages caused by negligence, lack of maintenance, vandalism,
    improper installation, abnormal use, abuse, changes in design without authorization, addition or substitution of non-approved parts, natural disasters, or any other improper use of the product contrary to its initial use. Claims must be received within the applicable warranty period and accompanied by a copy of the original invoice or invoice number. Warranties cover only the replacement of defective parts.
  • Annual maintenance is highly recommended to preserve a beautiful appearance: lightly sand and repaint with paint designed for high temperatures.

Where to buy a Fire-max firepits

Many retailers in the province have already stocked their stores with our firepits. Discover the retailer in our network that is closest to you:

Before visiting the site, it is recommended that you contact the retailer or distributor to check the availability of the model you are interested in.

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